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Sadiq Adnan/Gupta Hussein fan community from Axis Powers Hetalia.
welcome ○

Welcome to turkey_x_egypt, a fan community for the characters and pairing of Sadiq Adnan and Gupta Muhammad Hassan, from the Himaruya Hidekaz's Axis Powers Hetalia. Whether you ship the gruff Sadiq and reserved Gupta together, or are keener on more general works involving these two, go ahead and poke about to comm to see whether anything suits your taste.

Any correlation to the REAL LIFE relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Arab Republic of Egypt are NOT intended. This community deals exclusively with the fandom of Axis Powers Hetalia.

You are of course encouraged to join and/or watch, but first, please check out a few simple guidelines.

rules ●

✿ Have an interest in Turkey/Egypt or Egypt/Turkey.

✿ If you post to this community, your post should have Turkey/Egypt or Egypt/Turkey as a central element.

✿ Put any large images and all fanfiction under a cut; previews are permitted, however. Please lock all downloads, and anything that contains NSFW content.

Please tag your entry; since the comm has only started out, the mod can tag whatever is needed other than the few available right now.

✿ DO NOT FLAME OR WANK. Also, enjoy. ♪

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If you want to affiliate with this community, go ahead and ask in this post. Thank you in advance!